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Live Seafood Delivery in Singapore Is a Big Event Attraction

Have you ever wondered how fresh seafood gets to your table at that great new restaurant down the road? Or wondered how long it will take for that one particular seafood dish to make it to your table? If you are looking for a fresh seafood dining experience at its best, there are many restaurants in Singapore dedicated to serving up mouth-watering seafood dishes. Here, compile a list of our favorite top-rated Singapore fresh seafood delivery to help you skip crowding elbows at the seafood market while supporting Singaporean local fishermen at the same time.

Who Else Wants To Be Successful With Fresh Seafood Delivery In Singapore

For starters, one of our favourites is Treasure Island’s fresh and healthy seafood dumplings called Momo. These dumplings come in a variety of flavours including chilli crab, mango chicken and beef with peanut gravy. They are made from a mix of steamed and chilled shrimp or lobster, seafood such as mackerel, trout, haddock, tuna, whitefish or king prawns and are served on Chinese porcelain hot pot and silver bamboo steamer. If you want to top off a fantastic day at the market, try one of the many Singaporean fresh seafood specialties like the sweet and sour pork soup Nasi kandar which is made from noodles and coconut meat simmered with spicy lemongrass and onions. If you are looking for something light to eat after your meal, head over to The Lumberyard Seafood & Steakhouse for their delicious Thai red curry with vegetables and chilies; this delicious dish is made from thin cuts of meat which are cooked in a spicy red sauce with peanuts and garlic. Other great Seafood restaurants include JW Marriott’s Singapore restaurants where you can have your choice of crab, squid, prawn, chicken and beef cooked in their signature dipping sauces.

For an even larger selection of fresh seafood, head to Hong Kong’s hottest buffet which is also called the “Fried Cat” for their wide array of seafood dishes. You can get crabs, lobsters, stingrays, roosters, tuna, and other delicacies here. Live seafood is the number one reason people love eating at Singapore restaurants because the freshness and the taste are simply out of this world. So whether it’s a family outing or a big event at your wedding reception, you’ll be glad that you decided to have live seafood at your event because it will turn your entire evening into a special one.